What is SCSI RESERVATION & How it Works


When single resource is being shared across multiple objects/Users then we need some control mechanism for helping us to avoid any kind of confliction/unnecessary congestion while claiming that resource. That’s what exactly being solved by Reservation.
Reservation restrict other users to claim resource which is already being allocated or used by another user.

VMware Interview Question No.3


There are 5 VMs running on vSphere Standard Switch of ESXi Host.
Each VM is having single vNIC mapped to one of the vPort of vSS. These vNICs are E1000 type vNICs.
There are 5 Uplink assigned to vSS.
All the 5 Uplinks are Active Adapters. All these Uplinks are 1000mbps card.

What Is ALUA (Asymmetric Logic Unit Access) & How ALUA is different from A/A and A/P Array?


ALUA is type of storage device that is capable of servicing IO to given LUN on two different Storage Processors but in an uneven manner. ALUA is also known as Asymmetric Active/Active Arrays. Active/Active -> Both the Controller ports receives IO Commands to LUN. Asymmetric -> Only one controller which is owning the LUN can issues IO to that LUN.

VMware Interview Question No.2


There are 3 ESXi Host having different CPU configuration as mentioned in above diagram.
There is CPU intensive VM running on host executing CPU workload which triggers 4 Independent Processes with IPC (inter process communication) disabled.
VM configuration is already mentioned in above Diagram.