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Bare-Metal Architecture also known as “Type1 Hypervisor” or “Native Hypervisor”.

In this Architecture, Hypervisor directly runs on x86 Hardware and all the compute resources of h/w like Memory, CPU, Disk, Network etc.. is managed and controlled by Hypervisor itself.

Such Architecture provides better performance and greater flexibility in terms of VM resource management, IO performance etc…


  1. Hypervisor directly installed on Hardware so better control, optimum & efficient utilization of hardware for VM Resource requirement.
  2. This Architecture doesn’t rely on any General-purpose or 3rd party vendor software which makes this approach more reliable, robust and secure.
  3. Direct access to hardware make this hypervisor more efficient than hosted architecture, enables greater scalability, robustness and improve VM performance
  4. This Hypervisor doesn’t reply on Host OS for device support and Physical resource management. As a result, this hypervisor reduce latency and delay in VM IO throughput.
  5. All the VM and Host Configuration can be managed by GUI based Centralized Management entity called vCenter Server. It makes admin life more simple and easy to maintain or troubleshoot Virtual Infrastructure.
  6. Since VMware is having complete control of hardware so it’s easy for vmware to implement new kernel features to tune the hardware appropriately to improvise VM performance.


  1. This Hypervisor is expensive than Type2 Hypervisor. Licensing Cost of this Hypervisor is 10x times higher than Hosted Arch.
  2. It requires lots of expertise or skillset to design or implement Virtual Infrastructure over such Hypervisor.
  3. It also requires High End Computing Resources to manage & deploy VMs

Example :



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