Pronoy Banerjee

Thank you GoVMLAb for this extensive training.

After the training that I received at Microsoft regarding the internal workings of Windows, the level of training that I expected was quite high.

That is exactly what I received here. The trainer will not only make you understand how things work, but also explain why the feature was designed, what is the history behind it, and how it is different from other widely used virtualization platforms like Hyper-V and Citrix Zen.

The last 2 months have been an absolute joy. The way we were groomed and the information download has been tremendous.

I have already recommended this class to a few of my colleagues who would be joining the next batch and will keep on doing so for the people who are genuinely interested in learning how VmWare works. The trainer explains every topic extensively and is open to every questions coming his way. The way he is able to carry about with the training without any book / document speaks volumes about him.

Thank you GoVMLAb for this extensive training. This would go a long way in taking my career forward.