Suhas Ahir

Would highly recommend this course to friends

I was wondering since a couple of months and was in search of a knowledgeable tutor for vmware. One of my office colleague suggested about GoVMlab and I enrolled myself for this course. Now at the end of the course, I am obliged to write this review where I would like to take this opportunity to thank my Vmware Tutor.

He has been so polite and patient while teaching. If he has picked up any topic to teach, he would not leave any stones unturned, he would explain all the possible scenarios and would try to give in depth knowledge about that topic.

Few of the things about the tutor that I would like to mention are, he's knowledgeable , very patient and keen on making you understand the concepts.

And last but not the least he's amongst those who has the ability to hold the audience in their chair and has the zest to share knowledge.