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vExpert Course designed for all those VMware Aspirants, Administrators, Engineers and Architects looking for deep-dive technical training on VMware features and Implementation. vExpert course covers real time case study of VMware customers issues,troubleshooting exercises and Implementation. This Course also give 100% guarantee to crack VMware Interviews of MNC’s companies. 


Architecting, Implementing & Administering VMware Virtual Datacenter

What Will Be Covered In This Course

  This course will start by providing overview of challenges faced in Traditional Physical Environment, Introduction to Virtualization, Its Benefits, Its Components and Its capabilities. We’ll then deep-dive into Individual modules like Virtual Machine, vNetworking, vStorage, Clustering Features like HA, DRS, FT, DPM. We will also be discussing about CPU, Memory and Disk performance issues & How to resolve it. Designing and Implementing VMware Datacenter in Optimized way. We will also be sharing tips and tricks for cracking VMware Interviews.


At GoVMLab, No Pre-Requisites to Learn Virtualization

Unlike Other Training Institutes,There is no Pre-requisites to Learn VIRTUALIZATION. This course will build up Strong foundation for everyone looking for career opportunities in Virtualization & Cloud computing. Everyone can be VIRTUALIZATION EXPERT!!!


Everyone Who Wants to Be VMware Virtualization Expert

This course is appropriate for both College Graduates and Experienced IT Professionals under following categories • System Administrators • System Engineers • Tech Support Engineers • Architect and Consultant • Administrators responsible for maintaining ESXi and vCenter Server • Anyone involved in QA activities • Anyone who is keen to learn Virtualization


Upon Completion Of This Course, You Should be Able To

  • Architectural & Implementation Advantages of ESXi Over ESX
  • How do we achieve encapsulation & Isolation in Virtual Environments.
  • Architectural & Feature Implementation VST, VGT, MAC, IP and Port Based Teaming policy
  • Architectural Details of VMware VMFS file system & SCSI reservation & Locking Mechanism
  • Implementation & Design considerations of VM storage allocation using RDM vs VMFS
  • Deep-Dive into Storage Multipathing Policies like RR, FixedPath, MRU & ALUA etc..
  • Feature Implementation & Background process of vMotion & Storage vMotion technology
  • Feature Implementation & Architecture details of vSphere Clustering Features like HA, DRS & FT
  • Troubleshooting of ESXi Host, VM, Virtual Networking, Virtual Storage, vSphere Cluster issues.



We Will  be covering 6 Theory Modules related to ESXi Installation & Configuration, vCenter Server Installation & Configuration,VM Creation & Deployment and Virtual Machine Snapshots Technology

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We will be performing 6 Lab Practices related to ESXi Installation, Configuration, VM configuration & deployment using cloning, templating, OVA, OVF & vCenter Server Installation

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We will be covering 4 Theory and 2 Lab Practices related to vSphere Networking, vSwitch Policies like VLAN, Teaming, Traffic Shaping and Security. Architectural comparison between vSS and vDS 

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We Will be covering 4 Theory and 2 Lab Practices related to VMware vSphere Storage. We will be discussing about SAN Technologies, FCoE, iSCSI Protocols, VMDK, RDM, VMFS & Multipathing Technologies. 

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We will covering 4 Theory Modules and 2 Lab Practices related to VMware Migration Technology like vMotion, Storage vMotion. We will also be discussing about Resource Control & Memory Concepts. Explore More


We will be covering 4 Theory Modules and 2 Lab Practices related to VMware Clustering Concepts and Features deep-dive like HA, DRS, DPM & FT. We will also be performing Lab practices for these features. 

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We will be covering 3 Theory and 3 Lab Practices covering Tasks, Events & Alarms. Creating Users, Groups,Assigning Roles and Permissions to Users and Groups. Configuring Firewall. 

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We will be conducting VMware Mock Interviews and sharing tips and tricks on cracking VMware Interviews.  We will also be guiding you on Resume Preparation with 3+ years of VMware Admin exp.

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