VMware Interview Question No.4


Brief explanation of Above mentioned Diagram:

  • There  are 2 critical VMs running on ESXi Host & residing on some LUN coming from any Storage Array.
  • Both Initiator and Target are having 2-dual port HBA installed.
  • Due to critical workload, there should be no downtime for VMs which means LUN should always be accessible.

The Question here is

  • Find out the correct storage design out of below options making VMs highly available in case of Initiator, switch and Storage failure.

Option1 :


Option 2: 


Option 3:


Option 4:

None of the Above


Explanation of this Answer

1. Scenario-1: VMs will become inaccessible if below combination goes down.

  • HBA-0 and SP-1 or HBA-1 and SP-0 goes down
  • HBA-0 and Switch-1 or HBA-1 and Switch-0 goes down
  1. Scenario-2: VMs will become inaccessible if below combination goes down.
    • SP-0 and Switch-1 or SP-1 and Switch-0 goes down.
    1. Scenario-3: VMs will become inaccessible if below combination goes down.
      • Both ports of HBA-0 and Switch-1 goes down.
      • Both ports of HBA-1 and Switch-2 goes down.
      1. That’s the reason, Answer would be NONE OF THE ABOVE and correct design would be as mentioned below:



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