VMware Interview Question No 6





  • VM1 and VM2 connected to vSwitch0 having two Active Uplinks(pNIC0 & pNIC1) and two Standby Uplinks(pNIC2 & pNIC3)
  • All the Uplinks are connected to Access Switch.
  • Access switch is connected to upstream switch named Distributed switch.
  • Distributed switch is connected to its upstream switch named as Core Switch.

Administrator has to configure link failure detection mechanism as part of teaming policy to detect uplink (pNIC*) failures.

Considering this topology, which link detection mechanism would you recommend vSphere admin to configure in below mentioned failure scenarios:

1. Link Failure between Access and Distributed switch
2. Link Failure between Distributed Switch and Core Switch.

1. Link Status Only
2. Beacon Probing Only
3. Both of the above
4. None of the above.

Note: In this question, we are not discussing VM connectivity to outside world. The question here is, by which mechanism ESXi would be able to detect the uplink failures and will change the state of standby adapter to active adapter.


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