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VMware Interview Question No 6


Administrator has to configure link failure detection mechanism as part of teaming policy to detect uplink (pNIC0 and pNIC1) failures.
Considering this topology, which link detection mechanism would you recommend vSphere admin to configure in below mentioned failure scenarios:

1. Link Failure between Access and Distributed switch
2. Link Failure between Distributed Switch and Core Switch.

VMware Interview Question No.3


There are 5 VMs running on vSphere Standard Switch of ESXi Host.
Each VM is having single vNIC mapped to one of the vPort of vSS. These vNICs are E1000 type vNICs.
There are 5 Uplink assigned to vSS.
All the 5 Uplinks are Active Adapters. All these Uplinks are 1000mbps card.

VMware Interview Question No.2


There are 3 ESXi Host having different CPU configuration as mentioned in above diagram.
There is CPU intensive VM running on host executing CPU workload which triggers 4 Independent Processes with IPC (inter process communication) disabled.
VM configuration is already mentioned in above Diagram.

VMware Interview Question No.1


There are three VMs connected to vSwitch. VM1 Mac Adress is AA, VM2 Mac Address is BB,VM3 Mac Address is CC.
vmnic0 is uplink connected to Physical Switch Port ( Let’s say 0/1). This Uplink Mac Address is XX.
How Physical Switch will be processing VMs Packets coming from vSwitch and goes on Wire.