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13 May

A Beginners Guide to VMware Cloud on AWS for Beginners

What is VMware Cloud on AWS

 How enterprises migrating workload from on-premises to cloud and vice versa? Why customers are embracing hyrid cloud?How Workload can be migrated seamlessely from OnPrem To Cloud and Vice versa without any downtime.check out this 2-hr of intensive workshop covering basics of VMware Cloud

  •   9 AM - 11 AM
  •   Beginner
  •   Free
  •   NSX
19 June

VMware NSX Micro-segmentation Fundamentals - PartII

What is Micro Segmentation?

Micro-segmentation is a network security technique that enables security architects to logically divide the datacenter into distinct security segments down to the individual workload level, and then define security controls and deliver services for each unique segment. Micro-segmentation

  •   5 PM - 7 PM
  •   Beginner
  •   Paid
  •   NSX
30 May

A Beginners Guide to VMware Software Defined Data Center

What is Software Defined Data Center

The software-defined data center (SDDC) architecture enables a fully automated, zero-downtime infrastructure to run any application, any hardware. Enterprises worldwide have used VMware vSphere® to significantly improve IT efficiency and performance, yet the mobile cloud

  •   5 AM - 6 AM
  •   Beginner
  •   Free
  •   vSphere

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vsphere master deep dive program
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VMware vSphere Install, Configure and Manage [v6.5]

VMware vSphere Install, Configure and Manage [v6.5]
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VMware NSX Manage, Configure and Install [v6.4]

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VMware deploy and manage [v6.7]


Advance into the field of Datacenter Virtualization, SDDC and Cloud Technologies. Stay Ahead in your Professional Career by exploring our VMware Certification and Training Programs

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Popular Certification Courses

VMware Certified Associate - Digital Business Transformation
VMware Certified Associate - Digital Business Transformation 2020 (VCA-DBT)

This course is designed for absolute beginners interested in learning VMware Technologies and how each product solves Traditional IT challenges. Earning this certification validates your understanding of virtualization concepts and how they drive an enterprise’s digital agenda. It proves that you are familiar with the VMware products and technologies.

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VMware NSX Manage, Configure and Install [v6.4]
VMware Certified Professional - Data Center Virtualization 2020 (VCP-DCV)

The VCP-DCV certification validates that a badge earner can implement, manage, and troubleshoot a vSphere V6.5 infrastructure, using best practices to provide a powerful, flexible, and secure foundation for business agility that can accelerate the transformation to cloud computing.

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VMware deepdive vsphere networking
VMware Certified Professional - Network Virtualization 2020 ( VCP-NV)

This course is designed for Network Administrators and Engineers looking for intensive hands-on training that focuses on designing, implementing, and managing NSX Platform for Virtualizing Networks. In this Training, you will learn how to use logical switching in NSX to virtualize your switching environment.

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VMware deepdive vsphere storage
vSAN Specialist 2020 - vSAN Deploy and Manage [v6.7]

vSAN 2020 badge validates that an earner can properly design a vSAN cluster including the selection of supported hardware, compute and storage capacities, and performance profile. An earner is able to install and configure vSphere and vSAN according to business requirements and vendor recommendations.

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10 Virtual Machine Files every vSphere Admin needs to know

Virtual Machines are one of the most important and critical entity of entire datacenter.If Virtual machine is not working or becomes inaccessible...

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What is VMFS and How it is different from Conventional File Systems

VMFS has always been one of the critical component of Vmware vSphere storage stack as it abstracts the underlying storage and presents....

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Lazy Zero vs Eager Zero Thick vs Thin Provisioned Virtual Disk

Thin Provisioning is VMware vSphere Technology allows Virtual Disk storage allocation on demand & allocate storage space only when VM needs it.

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Software Based Initiator vs Hardware Dependent vs Hardware Independent Initiator

An Initiator is the storage device/endpoint that initiates SCSI request. Typically, Initiator serves ....

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